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I began writing professionally three years ago, even though I am a lifelong reader. During the pandemic, I had plenty of time to jot down my thoughts. During a time of little activity, I honed my ability to tell a good story. It all began as a pastime, but evolved into a lifelong obsession. My first work, ‘I wasn’t born for this,’ features a military backdrop because my father served in the Indian Air Force. The success spurred me to pursue writing. No wonder, soon my 2nd novel shaped up;‘Enwombed-The Evil within’which is a horror fiction, followed by its sequel ‘Infernal Curse: Beyond the Sheol,‘ thanks to the positive feedback I received from readers. ‘Perilous Destiny,’ my 4th novel, is currently being printed and will be released to the public soon. Besides my distinctive storytelling style, I excel at describing events and scenes with such fine detail that the reading becomes a visual pleasure.


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I just loved this book, Lt. Shivani is an amazing dreamer who turned her challenges into biggest opportunities. Recommended for the people who are here to fulfill the beautiful mission of their life.



Horror story is my all time favourite. The story of a father daughter bond is really hearth touching. How a father goes beyond everything to protect his daughter is a must read. The thrill of the story is excellent. It is a must read book


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Knowing that it is a fiction, it still gives a chill through your spine. Very good writing style. I got this book in a good condition. If you are interested in reading subjects like paranormal you should read this one.


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Sandeep Sinha is an Indian author with two books at present. He is the third child of his parents. He has enjoyed defense life for fifteen years till the time his father didn’t retire. He is married to a beautiful and caring lady and they have …..

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