Author Sandeep Sinha

Author Biography

I began writing professionally three years ago, even though I am a lifelong reader. During the pandemic, I had plenty of time to jot down my thoughts. During a time of little activity, I honed my ability to tell a good story. It all began as a pastime, but evolved into a lifelong obsession. My first work, ‘I wasn’t born for this,’ features a military backdrop because my father served in the Indian Air Force. The success spurred me to pursue writing. No wonder, soon my 2nd novel shaped up;‘Enwombed-The Evil within’which is a horror fiction, followed by its sequel ‘Infernal Curse: Beyond the Sheol,‘ thanks to the positive feedback I received from readers. ‘Perilous Destiny,’ my 4th novel, is currently being printed and will be released to the public soon. Besides my distinctive storytelling style, I excel at describing events and scenes with such fine detail that the reading becomes a visual pleasure.

After graduating from Delhi University and Post-Graduation Diploma in Export and Import from the Delhi Institute of Management Studies, New Delhi, I presently hold the post of Vice President (Marketing) in a Garment manufacturing MNC based in Noida. Ioversee marketing functions of the Company and have travelled to many countries of the world- Hungary, Denmark, France, Germany, The United Kingdom and Brazil. SinceI am a hard core traveller and love to explore various parts of my ‘Incredible India’ I am fortunate to have  visited the plains, valleys, places of historical significance etc but mountains are my favourite spot of relaxation as I love to trek and be in the mist of nature. I am an ardent sports buff and love to play and watch all genera of sports –Cricket and Chess are my all- time favourite sports. Not exaggerating, I also love to croon the songs of my favourite singer, Kishore Kumar. My family comprises my adorable mother, supportive wife, and an ever-mischievous son. I try to balance my professional and family life that exhibits my typical Librarian trait.