Author Sandeep Sinha


Enwombed-The Evil Within




They unleashed the terror. The ‘familicide’ wasn’t planned, but compelling. A letter with no return address was the cause. The Chopra mansion got deserted for a reason no one else knew except the Deputy Superintendent of Police Ashish Chopra. He suffered the aftermath of his elder brother Dr Amit Chopra’s onetime wrongdoing. There was no stopping and every individual of the Chopra family was slaughtered, not even the toddler was spared. The sole motive of this mayhem was to bring forth the ‘Prince of Death’ down on earth from his astral world. DSP Ashish Chopra’s ten-year-old daughter, Shivangi Chopra,was the chosen victim for Satan’s sinister plans. She had to bear the devil in her womb before he would be born on a definite unholy day, tearing open her tender vagina, grow into enormous size instantly, have savage intercourse with her and produce a fleet of evils before she died.She was possessed, tortured, and left alone to wander around in the darkness seeking help until Satan entered her. Her father strategised her rescue plan with his quack Necromancer friend and his amateur knowledge despite knowing that the battle with the unseen was going to be life-threatening. But he didn’t care.

With the elements of terror, scare, and frightful incidents, the demonic force was at large. There was no answer to the evils.



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