Author Sandeep Sinha


I Wasn’t Born For This




The story centres around a recently commissioned Indian Army woman officer who is forced into battle against her will.

Shivani Beniwal, the only child of her parents, lived in a small village in Rajasthan.She soon joined the ‘Anti-Terrorism Squad’ after being commissioned in the Indian Army. Colonel K.K. Kamra, better known as “Super K3,” delegated her a mission.As she pursued the extremists, they pursued her and kidnapped her in exchange for the release of their FRW leader Manzoor from prison. They also detained Brigadier Santosh Bakshi, a member of her team. As the Colonel and his subordinate Lt. Sanjeev investigated, the evidences increasingly pointed to their confinement in the BSF camp at the Indo-Pakistan border. No one had ever seen the faces of the two Indian bosses of FRW, a man and a woman.

Before the Colonel and his second officer could attack the BSF camp, Lieutenant Shivani and Brigadier Bakshi escaped imprisonment with the help of a local thug and sought refuge for a night in the Haveli of a sarpanch.

Meanwhile, with the aid of his militant force Manzoor was able to escape prison and reach the Haveli. A conflict ensued. Sluggishness and a paucity of ammunition could not stop Manzoor for long.

While recuperating in a military hospital, she discovered a note directing her to commit murder to save her parents. The lieutenant murdered, breached the hospital’s security protocols, and fled to rescue her parents, who were being held as hostages. At home, a second bloody combat broke out.




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