Author Sandeep Sinha


Infernal Curse – Beyond the Sheol




Infernal curse- Beyond the Sheol (Sequel of Enwombed- The Evil Within)

Shivangi Chopra matured into a lovely young woman. Unfamiliar with the Chopras and their history, a teen-aged girl joined the group of her friends. A startling question from her took DSP Ashish Chopra into a state of trance. He quickly saw that the forces of evil had once more gained strength. His necromancer friend once again came to his rescue. He knew what to do, but the monster’s strength exceeded his expectations. The necromancer could execute his holy rhymes of elimination on the devil when he would be visible to his eyes. But the devil had no such limitation.

Unnatural deaths with dissipating bodies occurred not only in the neighbourhood but throughout the entire city. The necromancer knew that blood and flesh were being gathered for the birth ceremony of the devil.

There were many suspects who could be the ‘unholy womb’, including Shivangi, but the necromancer could not identify. His exhaustive research brought the Chopras back to the city hospital, where they identified the Satan-carrying patient. The dead arose and widespread destruction ensued. In an old church, Shivangi was surrounded by evil forces and subjected to barbarism. This time, however, Shivangi had to have intercourse with someone special.


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