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The battle of an unwed mother against those who thought she could never win. Her destiny- reclaimed.

Rohini Jhulka, an unwed mother of twins, Nidhi and Akriti, lived in Mumbai and worked as a school teacher. The demure woman once worked as a data collector in Jakarta, Indonesia, where her co-worker and the company CEO enticed her into the illicit trade of pornography, arms and ammunition, and drug trafficking, which landed her in prison. While confined, she endured atrocious physical and emotional tortures, until the jail superintendent pitied on her and helped her to escape. Before reaching India, Rohini stole a ‘blue file,’ unaware that this would lead to her continued torment. Many years after, she was kidnapped by her former tormenters and flown to Uzbekistan.

Meanwhile, Rohini’s daughters searched for their mother. The man’s life they saved offered to help them in their hunt and soon the three of them tracked Rohini down in Uzbekistan. But a day after they arrived, Akriti was kidnapped for the reason no one knew. At the same time, wounded Rohini managed to break free from her captors and fled. Left in oblivion, the man and Nidhi searched for the missing women. The man asked his friends and associates in Uzbekistan for help.

You’ll be taken on a journey into an unchartered territory with every page turned. The twists and turns will keep you engaged.


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